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The Community Development Financial Institution of the Tohono O'odham Nation also called CDFI-TON is a chartered financial services organization that provides services to the residents and members of the Tohono O’odham Nation. All services are designed to promote, encourage and foster economic growth and at the same time preserve the culture and way of life of the natives.

Consumer Loan Program


Home Loan Program


Business Loan Program:


  • $500 - $500,000
  • Can be on or off the reservation
  • Documentation (Application, Business plan, financial projections for 3 years, collateral…)


EQIP Loan Program:


  • $500 - $300,000
  • Can be used for: Farming, Ranching, up keeping of land, Equipment…
  • Will need: Project breakdown, project timeline, breakdown of personnel working, district resolution from district


Veteran’s Program:


  • Special Consideration for Applicant in any loan program in which they choose to apply for.


For All Loans: Interest rates and terms will vary. Amounts, interest rates, origination fee, and terms will be at the discretion of the Loan Committee and each application will be looked at on a case by case basis. Bankruptcy must be one (1) year and more discharged from date of application


CDFI funds are use for lending services that are going to be used for a particular suitable purpose which will contribute toTohono O’odham Nation’seconomic development. All the members of the community, young and adult, are given the opportunity to be involved and make a significant contribution to achieve tribal goals.

As a self-governing nation, the tribal government’s priority is the general welfare, economic development and financial stability of its people. Thus a joint effort with organizations like CDFI-TON is vital in realizing social and economic goals. It is a vital part of all program that seek to establish a solid groundwork for economic development and sustainability. Employees and small businesses are fundamental components of the nation’s financial system hence the services and products of CDFI-TON are necessary in realizing the tribal vision of economic prosperity.

The Financial Literacy education will enlighten and give new insights that can motivate and inspire the members of the tribe to achieve financial stability. The program will also teach them to manage and handle their finances properly. Business Development services on the other hand, help business owners with the intricacies and the tricks of their trades. The training program guides them to avoid business pitfalls and teaches them how to make wise business decisions and propositions. The financial loans aim to give direct assistance to deserving entities and individuals for them to take off and realize their dreams of financial independence and to have quality lives.

Building a sound and lively economy requires involvement of the people, the government and private financial institutions. To achieve the long term goals, the immediate and basic needs should be addressed first otherwise there will be void sectors that can definitely affect the desired economic progress. In this view, CDFI-TON’s products and services are major contributors in achieving economic development while upholding the cultural values ofTohono O’odham Nation.


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